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Welcome to Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School and Nido Montessori Nursery 

Based in Hampstead, north London, our Montessori settings provide care and learning for children from birth to 6.5 years old.

Our Casa Setting has a capacity of 24 to 28 children and Nido a capacity of 15 to 18.  The small class sizes create a friendly, welcoming environment where children have the freedom to choose their work and discover their own individual interests, supported by a team of qualified teachers.

The mixed age group (0 to 3) and (3 to 6) allows children to learn how to help and accept help from others, through constant interaction with children of varied ages and abilities.

As Montessori settings our mission is for children to discover themselves as creative individuals, inquisitive learners and team players, in a supportive and caring environment.

Montessori is a way of learning that optimises children’s inherent inner drive and their ability to discover  and develop. Our ‘follow the child’ philosophy is based upon their natural – and very individual – interest in learning. By creating tailored learning plans for each person, we offer a collaborative, challenging and joyful way of learning which becomes an essential foundation for life.

We hope that you – and your child – will feel as inspired by the Montessori method of learning as we are.

Find out more about us or contact us for a friendly, informal chat about how Montessori achieves success.

Our accredited, approachable team is here to help. Our Montessori School is situated in Lymington Road, Hampstead and Nido Montessori Nursery is one street down in Lithos Road.  It is a perfect location for the Hampstead, Swiss Cottage and West Hampstead areas of north London.




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Nursery Hampstead

Nursery Hampstead

Nursery Hampstead


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