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Building Healthy Clean Up Habits in Children

Many parents frequently ask, "How can I assist my child in learning to tidy up their toys?" We've compiled some suggestions to create an environment that encourages children to naturally clean up after themselves - a concept known in Montessori environments as completing the 'cycle of activity'. The cycle involves selecting an activity, setting it up on the floor or a table for play or work, and then tidying up and returning the activity to its designated place. 

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The Power of Positive Discipline

Positive discipline is a parenting approach that focuses on nurturing your child's development while maintaining a solid and respectful parent-child relationship. This blog post will explore positive discipline, why it's essential, and practical tools to implement at home.

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Encouraging children towards self directed play

We all know about the benefits of independent play - but it’s easier said than done.  Children quite rightly want to play with their parents and love to do so, but it can be heartbreaking to say ‘no’ and walk away, leaving them to play by themselves. 

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Teaching Compassion Without Forcing Apologies

You're at the bookshop, and you spot your child taking a toy from another child. Your initial reaction might be to intervene, saying something like, “We don’t take toys from people. Now, say you’re sorry.” However, many early childhood educators caution against forcing apologies, especially when genuine remorse is lacking, as it can lead to long-term negative consequences and fails to address the root issue.

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