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About Casa dei Bambini Montessori Nursery and Montessori School

Established in Hampstead, north London since 2010, we are proud of the welcoming and supportive environment that we provide to every child who attends our Montessori nursery and school.

The Montessori style of ‘directing’ rather than ‘teaching’ means that we enhance and nurture the inner ability of each child to learn instinctively.

You’ll discover three key strengths that offer distinct advantages to children:



We are committed to each child as an individual and we honour their blossoming personalities. Through individual learning plans, we offer each child a very tailored approach, which serves to enhance their joy of learning.


Our class size and age range encourages strong friendships as the children get to know each other very well, interacting with each other plus our team of teachers. The stability and familiarity of this close-knit community allows individual characters to develop with confidence.


Our owner is also a very active, full time teacher.  This supports the strong sense of community, which thrives at our school. As well as knowing each individual child who attends the school, she welcomes feedback from parents. Be reassured that should you have suggestions to offer, you will be speaking with someone who has expert, practical knowledge of Montessori plus the ability to make changes as needed.

As a Montessori school, most of our team is trained (and supported) by the prestigious Association Montessori Internationale. The AMI also assists us in maintaining our high standards. AMI was founded in 1929 by Dr Maria Montessori. She wanted to ensure that her values, beliefs and methodology about education would continue, benefiting future generations. The AMI training program reinforces and protects the quality, standards and tradition of Maria Montessori.   

Casa dei Bambini Montessori Nursery and Montessori School: a unique environment

By visiting our school, you’ll see that we:

  • Enjoy a strong sense of community via an interactive, supportive environment
  • Interact with each child as the individual person that they are
  • Encourage open communication and welcome positive change

We believe that it is essential to develop good relationships with children and their parents. If you would like to visit us, please get in touch.

You’ll find us at 1 Dresden Close, off Lymington Road, London, NW6 1XP. (We have a dedicated space in the Lymington Road Residents’ Association hall.) It’s an ideal location for families in Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, West Hampstead and others areas in north London.