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Casa dei Bambini Montessori School, London

Opening Times: 8.30 to 3.30 term time


Our Montessori school embodies a cornerstone of Montessori education: the joy of learning. (Read more about the foundations of Montessori).


Children can remain at the Casa dei Bambini Montessori School until they are aged 6.5 years when they are of compulsory school age (in line with Department for Education Legislation). Each child follows their own individual learning plan each term, which includes activities to cover all aspects of development.


At our Montessori school in North London, we are proud of our strong sense of community. The older children learn to be tolerant and patient and get to act as role models. When older peers help ‘teach’ the younger children, it serves to reinforce their own learning as well as being a great way to grow their confidence and self esteem.


Our Montessori nursery school offers a rich learning environment for children during their pre school years. Maria Montessori believed these earliest years of a child’s development are when the greatest academic and social learning potential exists. The Montessori approach will help establish your child’s joy of learning, through school years and beyond. (Read more about the foundations of Montessori.)


All of our children attend our Montessori nursery daily. This regular commitment enhances our close-knit community and helps the children develop strong friendships.


Nursery School, Montessori Style…

At Casa Dei Bambini Montessori we have one multi-age classroom, (this tends to be unique to Montessori education).  The younger children look up to the older ones of up to 5 or 6 years old who in turn act as positive role models. They observe how the older children are courteous and polite and are keen to imitate their behaviour.


Our open plan indoor/outdoor environment is constantly updated to suit the needs of the children working in it. We create a prepared environment where the children are free to choose their work and have to time to discover what truly interests them.


Children can learn to read at our nursery, supported by the Montessori curriculum. Sandpaper letters are used to help children to learn the sight and the sound of the alphabet. This builds the foundation to writing letters and eventually leads to children producing their own compositions.


We see children thrive thanks to the benefits of learning from and collaborating with older peers in their classroom.


Please read details of our admissions policy and term dates.


If you have any queries or would like to arrange to visit our Montessori nursery school, please contact us.

Our location is ideal for families in Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, West Hampstead and others areas in north London.