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Opening Times: 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, 46 weeks Montessori Programme


In the next street adjacent to Casa is  Nido Montessori, our (0 to 3) Association of Montessori International daycare setting, delivered in a cozy, nurturing, and home from home environment.  Nido means ‘nest’ in Italian, and captures the idea of warmth and security. Maria Montessori used this word to describe the infant classroom, within which little people will feel cared for and loved.


At the Nido, children will have access to natural wooden materials, a free flow garden and unique language and sensorial materials.  From the exercises of watering plants to potting soil and sowing seeds, children will learn the link between vegetation and food.  They will learn to prepare their own healthy snacks/meals and participate in real life experiences such as washing snack plates and scrubbing tables.  As children in this age group have an ‘absorbent mind’ and learn effortlessly by observing, replicating and repeating their experiences,  they will be encouraged to to participate in the experiential learning process as much as possible.


Language acquisition for toddlers is critical and children will be exposed to real, rich and precise, vocabulary and grammar. The Montessori guide will get down on the child’s level, look in his eyes, and speak to him clearly, so that he can watch the movements made by her mouth as she speaks. Children will enjoy carefully chosen songs, and read-aloud books with poetry, real stories and beautiful illustrations.


When it’s time for  to leave the ‘0-3 community’ your child will transfer to the children’s house (Casa).  The transition will be almost seamless and effortless because both settings inculcate the lifelong skills of of independence, concentration, patience and respect.  By the time children arrive in the 3 to 6 community, they will be ready for their next phase of education.


We believe that the new provision will be the first truly unique all year Montessori Programme in Hampstead, opening between the hours of 8am to 4pm daily, closing for 6 weeks of the year (2 weeks at Christmas, Easter and Summer), yet still offering a term time provision for those parents who want it. With the two settings combined, Nido and Casa Montessori will be able to provide parents with flexible childcare up to the age of 6 years.


Session Times:
Nido Baby Room:  8am - 4pm or 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday.
Infant Community:  8am - 1pm or 8am - 4pm 4, 2 day minimum sessions