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Best selling author Alicia Eaton to run our next Workshop | Montessori Hampstead | Nursery Hampstead


We are very excited to announce that Alicia Eaton, author of 'Words that Work - How to Get Kids  to Do Almost Anything' will be running our next workshop. This will be taking place at 6.30pm on Tuesday 26th April 2016. Tickets cost £15 and a copy of the book is included in the price.

Please register your interest here. This promises to be a popular event!

As Alicia says, "There's nothing more exhausting than chasing after children and constantly repeating yourself, is there? Too many parents struggle to get their requests heard, understood and taken seriously - children just don't seem to be able to do as they're told nowadays.

Well, stop for a moment and just imagine a life where you could have much more control over.
  • Embarrassing supermarket tantrums
  • Sibling fights that drive you mad
  • Arguments about mobile phones and screen time
  • Fussy eating and bedtime chaos

Sounds too good to be true?"

Author Alicia Eaton, is a leading Harley Street Behavioural and Emotional Wellbeing Specialist and is also a qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Trainer. As she explains, getting children to co-operate, is so much easier when you start understanding and using NLP's 'Language of Persuasion and Influence'.

Originally a Montessori Teacher and also a mum to three grown-up children, Alicia's been able to use all her skills, psychological training and expertise to create this unique system for parents and teachers, making life in the home or classroom so much happier and easier.

As she explains, "So many parents tell me that not only to they struggle with the day-to day smooth running of home and school but quite simply feel "lost for words" at times. After all, what do you say to a child that's scared of the dark; worried about exams; asking awkward questions about terrorism; fallen out with a best friend or appears addicted to computer games or fizzy drinks?"

Whether the issue is general anxiety or a phobia of dogs, spiders, wasps, going to school or exams; mealtime arguments over fussy eating or junk food cravings; bad habits such as nail biting or thumb sucking; a lack of confidence or shyness, Alicia demonstrates how you can easily learn what to say and what not to say.

You'll be able to put and end to the nagging and yelling that wears you out but gets you nowhere - and dispense with those annoying reward systems and star charts that require effort, cost you money and quickly lose their appeal.

Alicia can't quite give you a magic wand, but she can certainly show you how to put the 'magic' back into your parenting.

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