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Classroom update - The continual appeal of practical life activities | Montessori Hampstead | Nursery Hampstead



A few days ago we witnessed two of our four year old boys spend over an hour cleaning in the garden. They started with the patio doors, moved on to the climbing equipment and proceeded to wash and dry everything 'cleanable' in the garden. During their endeavours, they were concentrating intensely, stopping only to communicate with each other regarding the task in hand. Once they had finished they were clearly immensely proud of their work.

Practical life activities are so important to Montessori education.  They are the part of the curriculum that newcomers begin with but can continue to work until the end of their time in the children's house. The activities hold their appeal for the older child as they can offer a real senses of purpose and accomplishment; building a children's self-esteem and making them feel of value. Not to mention the benefits of intense concentration!

If you are  looking for things to do with your child at home, why not think about the simplest things they could get involved with.  Activities such as laying the table, tidying away after meals or cleaning a table are purposeful and will help children feel they are making a real contribution in the home. These are all activities they do at school and you may be surprised at how much they can do, given the opportunity!

"The exercises of practical life are formative activities, a work of adaptation to the environment. Such adaptation to the environment and effect functioning therein, is the very essence of a useful education.Dr. Maria Montessori

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