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In Praise of Slippers | Montessori Hampstead | Nursery Hampstead

In praise of Slippers!

A while ago there was a news report about a school in Derbyshire that stated that their children wear slippers as it helps them get better grades. Although this may have caused the majority of people to chuckle in disbelief, for us at Casa dei Bambini Montessori it rang true!

In all Montessori schools; a very common morning ritual is the children taking off their outdoor shoes and putting on their slippers. We do this as it helps the children’s independence and ability to dress themselves, it makes them feel at home, it is comfortable and it helps them feel like part of the school community. It also ensures the floor stays clean and therefore the environment attractive.

The teachers wear slippers too and if anyone ever forgets to put them on, it doesn’t take long for one of the children to point out with a mixture of absolute shock, disbelief and amusement, ‘YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR SLIPPERS!”

You can read the article here.

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