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All the staff at the Nursery School are First Aid trained and, in the event of your child becoming ill or being involved in an accident we will, as far as legally permissible, administer whatever is appropriate in the circumstances.  We will always let you know what has happened and, if your child has suffered any kind of bump or injury you will be given a completed incident form giving you details of the incident and the treatment given, which we ask you to countersign by way of acknowledgment.  If your child becomes ill or is injured in such a way that we feel he or she would be better off at home, we will also telephone you and ask you to collect them.

In the extremely unlikely event that we have to take your child to hospital, we will contact you immediately and take with us your child's health form.  For this reason it is essential that your child's health details are kept up to date and that you detail any allergies or sensitivities on the form.