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News Archive 2016






Using Positive Language at Home

How to use positive language to get your child to do things in the right way!

If your child has attended a Montessori school then you will have heard about the concept of “Grace and Courtesies”, which are a series of simple steps used to guide children to return their materials back to the shelf, tidy their snack plates and even share fruit fairly...but can they be applied to the home environment? and if so, how?  Grace and Courtesies can sometimes be shrouded in a cloak of mystery so we thought we would give you a basic introduction.




Casa dei Bambini Montessori School Open Day, Saturday 5th November 2016, 3pm-4.30pm                                       



Settling into Nursery School

September is fast approaching and with it comes the beginning of a new school year and many children and parents will be looking forward to the first day with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. For children who have never been to nursery before and for parents who have never left their child in someone else’s care, the first day can understandably be a little nerve wracking.



Mums in The Wood interviews Dipti

Our owner and head teacher, Dipti Kanani, is interviewed by Mums in The Wood.  A great read for anyone considering a Montessori education for their child!



Our school visit to Freightliner's Farm

The one good thing about the school being used as a Polling Station is that we get to go on a school trip! Last Thursday 5th May, we all met outside the school and headed off to Freightliner's Farm in near by Islington.



Best selling author Alicia Eaton to run our next Workshop

We are very excited to announce that Alicia Eaton, author of ' Words that Work - How to Get Kids to Do Almost Anything ' will be running our next workshop. This will be taking place at 6.30pm on Tuesday 26th April 2016. Tickets cost £15 and a copy of the book is included in the price.



Montessori Myths

Although the Montessori method has been getting increased media coverage recently, there are still a lot of untruths that fly around and we frequently get asked the same questions when people find out we are Montessori teachers. We thought it would be of interest to debunk some of these myths.



Montessori hits the International News...

... thanks to Prince George, Sir Ken Robinson and … Ryan Gosling.

Most of you will have probably seen Montessori mentioned in the news last month. Prince George’s first day a local Norfolk Montessori school was at the beginning of the term and this milestone was covered by the international press.



Montessori Workshop - 'The Full Monti'

Join us for a workshop on Tuesday 12th January, 6pm-8pm.